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Антихристианство на фоне глобализации – янв. 2011 г.

Европейская Комиссия издала и распространила в размере более 300.000 экземпляров записной календарь, украшенный цветами Европейского Союза, для средних учебных заведений. В нем имеются указания на еврейские и мусульманские праздники, но не одного христианского праздника в нем не указано, даже не 25 декабря.

После ряда протестов (ниже приводится ссылка на протест быв. французского министра Кристин Бутен) Комиссия решила впредь вообще не упоминать религиозные праздники.

European Commission Forgets Christmas

A recently released EU calendar has sparked controversy by failing to include Christmas. The calendar has been given to more than 300,000 children and includes Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu festivals. However, no mention of Christmas can be seen under the entry for 25th December. Instead a secular message at the bottom of the page reads ‘A true friend is someone who shares your concerns and will double your joy’.

Despite the fact that Christianity is Europe’s majority religion, no Christian festivals are marked. There have already been complaints from Roman Catholic lobby groups and Christian MEPs over the EU’s official Christmas card because it bears the words ‘season’s greetings’, with no reference to Christmas.

Johanna Touzel, from the Catholic Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community, labelled the omission of Christian festivals as ‘astonishing’. She went on to say that she hoped the omission was unintentional, and that if it wasn’t, members of the EU should work as normal on December 25th.

Martin Callanan, leader of the European Conservatives, criticised the EU for spending millions of pounds on creating and distributing the calendars. “Why is the commission spending money sending these to millions of school children in the first place? I’m sure that the children could manage without a present of this nature.”

A spokesman for the EU commission called the omission a ‘blunder’. He explained that the EU are planning to omit reference to any religious festival in the future. He said: “In the next edition, religious festivals may not be included at all to avoid any controversy.”


Протест быв. французского министра: http://partichretiendemocrate.fr/index.pht/

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